To the leader types:

Have you ever wanted to study the bible without having to buy a bible study every 6-8 weeks?

Does the thought of trying to create your own sound overwhelming and time consuming?

Have you ever wished you could learn about a specific topic, but couldn’t find exactly what you’re looking for?

Welcome to the club, right?

What if it didn’t have to be so hard to gather people together to have meaningful encounters with the Word of God?

What if, when you couldn’t find what you were looking for, you felt equipped to build your own?

About 5 years ago, I was in exactly the place described here. Dissatisfied with what I was finding, but unsure about where to go, I began writing them myself.

Then, God opened doors for me to help others either write their own or write one with them. The process has been deeply rewarding and I think God is just getting started.